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Tva Conn tester Vs PmuConnection tester

Oct 3, 2011 at 5:36 AM

I have a PMU in our lab which is able to establish UDP connection with Tva Connection Tester(exe file dates to year 2007) where as it does not stream any data frames when PMU connection Tester is used,however PMUcon tester recieves only  Config frame.The Message format used is IEEE C37.118 format.For the PMU connection Tester the dropdown menu option is IEEE c37.118-2005 and for Tva Conn tester the drop down menu is IEEE C37.118-2005 (Version 1).

Can somebody please help me why such a strange behavior is observed.Is IEEE C37.118-2005 different from  IEEE C37.118-2005(Version 1).?


Vijay Krishna Sukhavasi

Power Lab,Virginia tech

Oct 3, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Could be an IPv6 vs IPv4 issue - the newer version supports both, but defaults to the current IP stack (usually shown on the front screen).

Have you tried setting IPv4 to false?

If yes, what is the source device?


Sep 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM

I have the same issue on the new openPDC's PMU connection tester, TVA's PMU Connection Tester works just fine on the connection but does not send 'data transmission off' command when click on the disconnect button.

By looking at the wireshark captured packet, I found that openPDC's PMU connection Tester replied the 'data on' command after receiving the configuration frame from PMU. It uses the last received packet's source port as its destination port to send the command 'data on'  instead of using the port that defined in the remote port to send the command. PMU uses a different port to send data compared with the port which is used for receiving command. The old TVA version send the 'data on' command using user defined remote port number as its destination number, therefore, the connection can be established and data frame can be sent from the PMU.

For example, on PMU Connection setting, local port = 7766, remote port = 7766. Therefore, I believe, the connection tester should send the command to its remote port 7766 to the PMU. on the PMU end, the local listening port = 7766, but the local send port is randomly generated, say 66530, it uses port 65530 to send configuration frame to connection tester, connection tester then assumes that the remote port number is 65530, and send the next 'data on' command to port 65530 instead of 7766. The PMU local listening port 7766 therefore did not receive a command to send the data. therefore, data frame cannot be shown on the connection tester.

would you please check on this? THANKS!



Sep 18, 2012 at 5:42 PM

Can we get an ERLPhase PMU setup on the Internet for testing?

Please reply offline.