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Introducing the openPDC Management System

The openPDC includes a simplified configuration and management system that consists of three primary components:


The openPDC Manager

The Silverlight based openPDC Manager allows consumers to remotely configure anad manage multiple deployed instances of the openPDC from a single simple to use web application. This application is used to manage and configure system devices, custom system input, action and output adapters as well as to set operational parameters. It also allows for automated device configuration using an XML configuration file captured using connection tester.

Click here for documentation on how to use the openPDC Manager

Home Screen


Browse Devices Screen


Manage Device Screen


Device Configuration Wizard


Manage Output Streams Screen (e.g., IEEE C37.118-2005 Output)


Add Devices to Output Stream


The System Configuration Editor

The openPDC system configuration editor allows users to modify low-level system settings that are stored in the configuration file from a simple to use GUI based application. These settings are typically only updated when fundamental changes are being made to how the openPDC operates.


The Secured Remote Console Monitor

The openPDC can be remotely monitored and controlled with this secured system console monitor. This application is typically used to manage day-to-day operation of a deployed openPDC system.


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