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October 2010 openPDC Maintenance Release


·         Migration to .NET 4.0 / Visual Studio 2010 for enhanced performance and maintainability

·         Enhanced setup application to simplify installation

·         Redesigned openPDC Manager

o   A local, windows application that does not require a web server or IIS configuration.

o   Installs along with the openPDC so no further setup or installation required.

o   Better grouping of menu items for easy navigation.

o   A new screen for instant real-time data stream viewing and review of PMU performance statistics.

o   Tightly coupled with the openPDC service. On screen configuration changes to adapters propagate to the openPDC service automatically.

o   Statistical measurements get added/verified automatically every time input or output adapter configuration changes.

o   Historian metadata (for data as well as statistics archival) get refreshed automatically whenever direct or indirect measurement changes occur.

o   On screen ability to initialize any individual adapter.

o   Improved indication of device(s) status throughout the system.

o   Better error handling and reporting with a new error log viewer.

o   User preferences and settings are saved on exit and applied on start-up.

o   Force IPv4 is now an application level global setting which can be managed from System Settings screen.

o   Input Status & Monitoring screen can now handle PDC stream with higher latency by setting Relative Time Offset in System Settings page.

o   Added a “Copy” button on Browse Devices as well as Manage Output Stream screens.

o   Added a new configuration option on the Input Wizard screen to create or update configuration manually.

o   Modified code to persist database connection from one function call to another for improved performance.

o   Better user experience on Input Wizard screen, quick links on the home page for easier navigation, wrapping of large tool-tips in to multiple lines, advanced configuration options for output stream are collapsed by default and allows users to expand if needed, added Check-All checkbox on Output Stream Wizard screens, master-detail pages selects first record by default, etc along with number of bug fixes and improvements.

·         Inclusion of a COMTRADE export adapter

·         Improved acceptance testing features with ability to playback historical data to simulate real-time inputs along with a new precision timer to verify performance.

·         Optional ID-Code validation in IEEE C37.118 Output Streams for simple authentication

·         Product separation into independent open source projects:

o   Framework - TVA Code Library          

o   Historian - openHistorian        

o   NASPI PMU Registry           

o   PMU Connection Tester           

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