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Blank Injection for Concentrator


Although most of this work would likely be in the GSF.TimeSeries.Concentrator, it has been requested that the PDC base concentrator class implementation be able to "inject" blank frames when the desired output rate is not being met by the input.

Today the concentrator will not "auto-inject" blank frames which means it will publish no faster than the input such that the defined frame-rate becomes the "maximum" frame rate, not a minimum. The maximum frame-rate supported will do down-sampling when the incoming frame-rate is faster than the defined outgoing frame rate.

With this implementation of this feature, options could be considered for up-sampling - however, options are usually limited to marking frame as suspect to indicate up-sampled data. In order to keep the output pure a flag would need to be set that indicated that the data was "generated" instead of device "measured" - I suppose one of the user-defined flags could be used for this as long as it was well documented.
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