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Build Tester

Apr 9, 2010 at 2:43 AM

In Synchrophasor\Current Version\Build\Output\Debug\Libraries\

TVA.Communication.dll                 Version

TVA.Core.dll                                 Version

After build PMUConnectionTester.exe, I got these file in …\Debug\Libraries\:

TVA.PhasorProtocols.dll                Version

PMUConnectionTester.exe             Version


But PMUConnectionTester.exe can not work. It gives error say “Can not load assemble TVA.Core.dll Version”.

My question is:

1.      How installed PMUConnectionTester.exe (under D:\Program Files\TVA\PMU Connection Tester\ directory) works fine although PMUConnectionTester.exe and TVA.PhasorProtocols.dll have different version from TVA.Core.dll and TVA.Communication.dll?

2.      When I follow 5 steps to do “Device to data in 5 easy steps”, I have to change the TVA.PhasorProtocols.dll Version ( same as TVA.Communication.dll and TVA.Core.dll. Is there a way to make my “Device to Data” application works same as installed “D:\Program Files\TVA\PMU Connection Tester\PMUConnectionTester.exe”, that do not require TVA.PhasorProtocols.dll has same version as TVA.Communication.dll and TVA.Core.dll?

3.      Do you have sample code, like “Device to data in 5 easy steps” to invoke CsvAdapters.dll? Do we need to change assembly version to [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]?


May 1, 2010 at 3:21 AM

Signed assemblies are very picky! We've turned off signed assemblies in the default dependencies - so you should be able to mix and match assemblies now so long the needed method signatures exist in the DLL's ayou are using.

Let me know if the latest build is working better for you!