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Unable to Integrate help files with Microsoft Visual Studio

Jul 16, 2010 at 9:34 PM


I am a master's student for Power Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech and am currently working on openPDC. The 'getting started' part of the documentation section was really helpful. Apart from integrating the help files, i've managed to do basically everything till 'running the openPDC'. I have two main doubts.

I am unable to integrate help files with Microsoft Visual Studio. I've read in the 'getting started' section that the help command can be extensively used to enter commands into the console. I would be very grateful if any one would help me with this problem. I am just unable to find "HELPDIR\Integrated" directory. The computer I'm using in the lab is a normal windows XP, so i was able to find all the other directories but this one. Am I losing my way while finding the API help files? In the link given, they just have the links to the binaries. I extracted and manually searched through all of them. I still could'nt find the folder and thus the required file.


Also, in Microsoft Visual Studio, when I open 'synchrophasor' in project/solution, it prompts me for a username & password. 'Please provide credentials to connect to Team Foundation Server'. I tried entering my username password on this website or even my university username & password, but was unable to gain access. If i click cancel, it says

'Go Offline

The team foundation server is currently unvailable. This solution will be opened offline. Am I suppose to register somewhere to access? is it ok if I don't get access to it?


Please, I would be very grateful for any kind of reply.




Kunal Dekhane


Jul 28, 2010 at 2:17 AM
Edited Jul 28, 2010 at 2:22 AM

You may be better off using the stand-alone help files that are in the nightly builds, integrating the API help files requires a third-party tool (H2Reg) available as a free download and will only work with Visual Studio 2008 (FYI, we updated our documentation on this, see if this helps). As I understand it, VS 2010 will only use HTML / web based help - we'll keep providing the standalone help files however, since I believe these are more convienent.

The credentials you mention are the username and password for codeplex. The Team Foundation Server integration on CodePlex will only allow check-out's/in's if you are a developer on the project. Anyone can download the source code and use it in offline mode as well as upload "patches". However, if you would like to provide code changes to the openPDC, please contact me offline and we'll discuss adding you as a developer.


Jul 28, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Oh, No No. I'm just a humble grad student trying to understand & work with this software. I'm no developer. I was just curious why it was prompting me everytime I opened some 'project/solution' and thought it would just be wiser/better to ask someone regarding this just in case if it turned out to be some copyright or licensing issue of some sort since I understand this software has been developed by a utility company.

Thank you very much for your reply. I did do as it said in the documentation and used H2Reg, I was unable to find the 'HelpDir' directory and I am using VS 2010, so like you said, I'll be better off using the stand alone help files. I was inquring about this part because in the later sections, in 'Using the OpenPDC console' it says that 'The help command can be used to see a list of all commands that can be entered into the console.' On the nightly builds webpage, I only see download links to Framework, Historian & Synchrophasor binaries (apart from the synchrophasor installer which I have already downloaded). On downloading and opening, there are a lot of different files & folders within these folders. Which among them are the 'stand alone help files' ? My sincerest appologies for such questions. I have mostly worked on Matlab & Labview till now and don't have much knowledge about directories or relevant file formats as such.

While I was stuck with this problem about Visual Studio & openPDC help files, I was successfully able to test & run the PMU Connection tester software and was perfectly able to perform all the tasks mentioned in the documentation right up till capturing the raw data in CSV file format. So thank you once again for the guidance & direction.

Eagerly waiting for your replies...



Kunal Dekhane 



Aug 2, 2010 at 2:09 PM

Hi Kunal,

You are right that the "HELPDIR\Integrated" folder no longer exists. That folder is a remnant from a previous version of the openPDC when the link took you to a download page devoted to the API help files. That download page has since disappeared and the documentation wasn't updated properly. I apologize for the confusion.