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Fixed Integer Phasor values interpreted as floating point in new openPDC (OCT release)

Oct 22, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Hello All,

I have simulated PMU devices using a C# program to communicate with the openPDC using IEEE C37.118-2005 format.

I'm sending the dataframes having phasor values in "polar format- fixed integers", which is as per the configuration frame that is sent from my program.

Scaling Factors that is used in config frame: voltage- 915527, current- 45776.

I am using the CsvOutputAdapter as a historian to save the values to measurements.csv. There is no issue in this setup with the openPDC v1.0.

But I am facing a problem in which Fixed Integer Phasor values are interpreted as floating point ( and saved in measurements.csv) in new openPDC (OCT release)

Any suggestions on this would be of great help to me. 

Thank You,


Oct 23, 2010 at 12:57 AM

Once data gets into the openPDC it is converted measurements, by design. That original scaled value is converted to a floating point value and process as a floting point value - which is what the csv adapters is exporting.

You can, of course, turn this data back into an IEEE C37.118 data stream which can convert the measurements back into scaled integers.

Perhaps I am a little confused at what you are trying to accomplish however. You can always use the phasor protocol parsing library directly and view the scaled integers (see: device to data in 5 easy steps document).