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HistorianAdapters - Configure RemoteOutputAdapter and InputAdapter

Nov 18, 2011 at 7:33 PM

I need some help to setup HistorianAdapters.RemoteOutputAdapter and HistorianAdapters.InputAdapter.

I have two machines running openPDC.
On the first one I have configured a HistorianAdapters.LocalOutputAdapter and a HistorianAdapters.InputAdapter.
This is the machine where the measures should be archived. 

The HistorianAdapters.InputAdapter settings are as follows:
protocol=udp; server=; port=1003; initiateconnection=true

And on the second one, I have configured a HistorianAdapters.RemoteOutputAdapter.
The settings are:
Server=; Port=1003; PayloadAware=True; MaximumSamples=100000; ConserveBandwidth=True

But they are unable to communicate.
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

Nov 21, 2011 at 9:24 PM

Hi there Hugo!

Did you look at the settings on this page: Distribution Notes&referringTitle=Documentation

I've had some luck with a connection string like the following personally:

server=; port=1003; interface=; payloadAware=False; conserveBandwidth=False; outputIsForArchive=True; throttleTransmission=False; samplesPerTransmission=100000

Also, have you considered using a DataSubscriber (as an input adapter) to receive data from another openPDC? This is new "gateway" style communications that have been enabled to move data between two systems basically allowing a subscription based acquisition of data instead of all or nothing like you get with the remote output adapter. Of course if you want everything anyway, not much of a difference. Do note however that the DataSubcriber does support a "compact mode" for data transmissions which will save much bandwidth. Anyway, you can leanr more about this here: Access Options&referringTitle=Documentation

J. Ritchie Carroll