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Web openPDC Manager - Failed to Save Information

Dec 5, 2011 at 4:08 AM

When creating or modifying any sort of setting via the Silverlight web based openPDC Manager interface the following error is returned:

Failed to save Device Information

The parameterized query '(~nodeID nvarchar(36),@parentID nvarchar(4000),@acronym nvarchar' expects the parameter '@updatedBy', which was not supplied.

This also occurs for adding of updating planned devices.

The thick client openPDC Manager interface seems to work fine.

Presuming that the updatedBy parameter maps to a username, could this be due to the lack of an authenticated user via the web interface?

I've noticed that if I enable ASP.NET Impersonation in IIS, I receive an Internal Server Error - not sure if this is related.

This is a fairly standard install of v1.4.110 which is using an SQL Server database (let me know if any .Config files would assist with troubleshooting).

Dec 7, 2011 at 7:23 PM

The web service based manager is a little "out-of-sync" with the GUI/WPF application based version. Currently we are focused on the GUI version. We will followup in a future release to resync the web based version, right now there is very little demand for the web based version...

Can I ask how/why you are using this web based version of this tool?


Dec 8, 2011 at 2:11 AM

The plan was to use the web based version to provide a read only interface to OpenPDC for some engineers. Furthermore, I like the idea of engineers being able to access the system without logging into the server that OpenPDC is running. If the only communication is via a web interface then that's easy to lock down from a security perspective. With the thick client, is there a recommended configuration if you wanted to use the thick client to connect to a server for configuration and management? It seemed to me that you needed to provide the client direct access to the OpenPDC database which isn't particularly ideal?

There seems to be numerous references to the web based version and to be honest it would be great if there was something in the documentation explaining what you've said. Even in the nightly builds there is reference at the end of the configuration wizard to updating the web service settings which is confusing too.

If I can get my head around how this is intend to work, I'm more than happy to contribute by providing documentation. After all, I need to generate documentation as part of the system I'm developing anyway.



Dec 29, 2011 at 3:40 PM

It has always been our plan to re-enable the web based option for the manager, especially since we designed the new UI system to be able to use the same XAML in both Silverlight and WPF deployments (basically just need to change the header). However, this will require a new properly secured web service layer for the Silverlight system to use for accessing the data layer.

The demand for this feature however has been very low and the learning curve for proper IIS deployment is a little steep (i.e., too complex for general users), so I can't provide a definitive estimate on delivery of this feature - but it is on the radar.

That being said, the power of open source is community contributions, if we can find eneough interest in the openPDC developer pool we may be to get this moving along quicker...