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PowerCalculation Stopped Working

May 10, 2013 at 4:46 PM
Everyone of my PowerCalculator adapters have stopped returning any data - not even NaN values. This was working fine until a day or maybe two days ago. I've tried increasing/decreasing the LagTime and LeadTimes, with no change. I've also tried adding TrackLatestMeasurements=True - again, no change.

I am running openPDC 1.5.226

AdapterName: BE_CARVER726_01#L345_322_IS#POWER
AssemblyName: PowerCalculations.dll
TypeName: PowerCalculations.PowerCalculator

Selected adapter from Input Adapter Collection
ID     Name

2754 BE_CARVER726_01#L345_322_IS#POWER
                  Total input measurements: 4, total output measurements: 2

     Last power values: Not enough values calculated yet...
Last reactive power values: Not enough values calculated yet...
 Configuration section: BE_CARVER726_01#L345_322_IS#POWER
   Data source defined: True
Referenced data source: Iaon, 20 tables
Initialization timeout: 15000 milliseconds
Using measurement routing: True
   Adapter initialized: True
     Parent collection: Action Adapter Collection
     Operational state: Running
     Connect on demand: False
Respecting input demands: False
Respecting output demands: True
Processed measurements: 0
Total adapter run time: 5 Minutes 56 Seconds
   Temporal processing: Supported
 Start time constraint: Unspecified
  Stop time constraint: Unspecified
   Processing interval: Default
            Adpater ID: 2754
     Connection string: 5 key/value pairs

      FramesPerSecond = 30
              LagTime = 7.5
             LeadTime = 1
   OutputMeasurements = PPA:9114;PPA:9115
 InputMeasurementKeys = PPA:556;PPA:557;PPA:546;PPA:547

   Output measurements: 2 defined measurements
BE_CARVER726_01#L345_322_IS#MW [PPA:9114 b15b0f2a-9f03-45b5-92a7-af38fa10a9a0
BE_CARVER726_01#L345_322_IS#MVAR [PPA:91 7f996c89-ea44-473d-a255-975526bac873
    Input measurements: 4 defined measurements

Minimum measurements used: 4
 Data concentration is: Enabled
Total process run time: 5 Minutes 56 Seconds
Measurement wait delay: 7.5 seconds (lag time)
 Local clock tolerance: 1 seconds (lead time)
Maximum time resolution: 10000 ticks
   Downsampling method: LastReceived
External event handles: None defined
Local clock time (UTC): 10-May-2013 15:38:38.261
Using clock as real-time: False
  Local clock accuracy: -0.1708 second deviation from latest time
 Ignore bad timestamps: False
Allow sorts by arrival: True
Use preemptive publishing: True
Time reasonability check: Enabled
Tracking publication time: False
Process by received time: False
 Received measurements: 39196
Processed measurements: 0
Discarded measurements: 39196
Downsampled measurements: 0
Published measurements: 0
 Expected measurements: 0 (4 / frame)
Last discarded measurement: PPA:556 - 10-May-2013 15:38:46.966
Latency of last discarded: -8.8761 seconds
Average publication time: NaN milliseconds
Pre-lag-time publication: NaN
Downsampling application: NaN
User function utilization: -2767011611056430.0000% of available time used
Published measurement loss: Infinity
Total sorts by arrival: 0
Measurement time accuracy: 100.0000%
Missed sorts by timeout: 0
  Loss due to timeouts: NaN
 Using precision timer: True
   Wait handle timeout: 40 milliseconds
Wait handle expirations: 73
Total published frames: 0
    Defined frame rate: 30 frames/sec, 333333.33 ticks/frame
Estimated mean frame rate: 0.00 frames/sec
   Processing interval: 33.33 milliseconds
 Timer reference count: 426 concentrators for the 30fps @ 33.33ms timer
Total frame rate timers: 4
    Queued frame count: 0
  Last published frame: <none>
Output measurements signal type summary:
          2 Calculated signals
Input measurement keys signal type summary:
          1 Current phase magnitude signal
          1 Current phase angle signal
          1 Voltage phase magnitude signal
          1 Voltage phase angle signal

May 15, 2013 at 8:17 PM
This and many other adapter problems occurred when the Time Domain service stopped working. OpenPDC is very dependent on good time!!!