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User developed programs with user defined visualisations

Dec 24, 2013 at 5:58 AM
I want to create an oscillation monitoring program using some analysis tool such as Prony, Matrix Pencil etc. It has to read 3-4 PMU data (or from a PDC) at a time and use it in the analysis program (probably with some delay). I would like to know if open PDC can support such programs based on C/C++ etc. I would also want to have visualisation of my own choice with alarms and phasor plot etc. Can you throw some light on this behalf.

Jan 6, 2014 at 2:23 PM
Hello Sudeep,

There is an implementation of the Gateway Exchange Protocol written in C++ which will allow you to connect to the openPDC and receive data in your own C++ application. The API is called the TimeSeriesPlatformLibrary, and is a part of the Grid Solutions Framework. You can download the GSF source code at Note that GSF is a large collection of libraries used by our products and that the TimeSeriesPlatformLibrary is just one of those libraries, so you will find it under "...\Main\Source\Libraries\TimeSeriesPlatformLibrary" once you have downloaded the source code.

As for visualizations, alarms and phasors are both treated by the openPDC as measurements and can therefore be used in other applications using the same TimeSeriesPlatformLibrary. To potentially expand your options a bit, there is also a C# implementation as well as a Java implementation of the Gateway Exchange Protocol. All three are part of the Grid Solutions Framework.